Key features of dedicated servers

Although most customers choose dedicated servers because of the amount of resources provided, the advantages of this hosting solution are not confined to its pure power only. There are several important features that can make users of dedicated servers proactive. Find out which services should be also considered when buying a dedicated server.

DDoS Protection

Latency or downtime is what can destroy online business or at least repel potential customers. Every company wants to provide customers with the greatest experience possible, and slow site work may spoil everything. Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are becoming more common and more difficult to mitigate. Advanced providers have tiers for DDoS protection: this is number one feature that can protect your dedicated server from attackers and prevent disasters in the future.

RAID Hard Drive Redundancy

Any piece of hardware may fail. The best companies do their best to avoid failures: they test hard drives after cancellation and before putting them into service, and replace old hard drives with new ones. However, even in this case failures still may happen. If you don’t have RAID setup for redundancy, the data stored on the server may lose. Hardware RAID allows replacing the disk that failed and installing server back without losing information. The original hard drive will copy data to the new drive while server stays online and serves information to the customers and employees.

Server Management

Some companies are not large enough to have IT staff managing their server, this is why it is very important to have decent customer support service help with various issues. Hardware or network problems, OS reload, power issues – all that should be fixed by the support team, if you order a managed server. Besides, specialists may help you with such aspects as troubleshooting, installation of software, maintenance, etc. Having your dedicated server supported and monitored means that you can focus on other important tasks. Large companies can use help of customer support service as an extension of their IT technology department: it will perform routine maintenance and complete tasks upon request.

Adding these three services to your server you will always be proactive and provide your customers with splendid web experience.