Choosing between virtualization and real server

During the last years IT industry has changed a lot, and virtualization became as popular as bare metal servers, sometimes even being more demanded. Both solutions are advanced and profitable, but which one is better for you? Let’s draw the difference between these two options.

Bare metal is raw hardware. In other words, this is a combination: a network where a virtual machine is installed on hardware to replace OS. Virtualization is a bit different thing: virtual machine is installed on the OS. Both are essential parts of business infrastructure, but they are not equally good for some certain enterprise.

Server Virtualization

The first thing you need to learn is that virtualization and the cloud are not the same things, because you still need to work with infrastructure and all that is connected with it. To put it simple, virtualization divides a bare metal server into several Virtual Private Servers. There are different ways of virtualization, for instance Hyper-V, Xen, VMware and others. The most common kinds are OpenVZ and KVM, with the difference between the two is only that OpenVZ works with Linux only, while KVM may host Windows, Linux and other OS options.

OpenVZ applies a shared kernel with virtualization level on the top of Linux OS. This kernel is used by all node customers, and can’t be customized. Each user gets his own share of CPU, RAM and disk space, and the rest of resources become free-for-all. On the opposite, KVM requires user to set maximum and minimum values of needed resources for your applications. This is a better virtualization option, because you get higher performance with minimal requirements. Entire RAM and disk resources are dedicated to one user, supplying personal environment.

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

This option differs from virtualization by offering infrastructure based on raw hardware resources instead of a hypervisor. Dedicated server is user by one person. If your online business requires flexibility and better server customization, bare metal server would be perfect.

Dedicated serves is billed monthly, and tends to be more expensive. However, a user gets what he pays for:

- customizable hardware;

- total flexibility of solution;

- absence of neighbors who may affect server uptime and resources;

- better privacy and security level;

- balancing of load distribution and redundancy.

INXY offers a lot of bare metal dedicated servers with various configurations. You will find a solution with necessary resources and functionality for any type of enterprise.