Why Do You Need a Dedicated Server With a 10Gbps Unmetered Port?

Every online project has its own specific demands, and if you run a more or less well-established website, or an E-commerce store – whatever – you may need a powerful and reliable dedicated server. It will supply your website with a sufficient amount of resources and ensure website visitors with steady and fast access to your pages and assets. Let’s find out what makes a server with 10 Gbps and more capable port a necessity for your online business, and which benefits it provides.

Key features of dedicated servers

Although most customers choose dedicated servers because of the amount of resources provided, the advantages of this hosting solution are not confined to its pure power only. There are several important features that can make users of dedicated servers proactive. Find out which services should be also considered when buying a dedicated server.

Collocation or Leasing: What is better?

When it comes to expansion of capabilities, many people wonder what is better: to collocate or simply lease a server? There is no certain answer to this question, as everything depends on several aspects. Let’s find out what is the difference between these two ways.

The Most Notorious Server Room Heists

Businesses around the globe have their own server rooms for performing online operations. Such rooms are designed to ensure the security of your infrastructure and your customers. Such space should be at least behind lock-and0key, and have limited access to it. Ideally, it should be equipped with alarms that would warn about unauthorized entry and leakage of information. Besides, it should feature an IP camera to monitor who opens and leaves the room.

Choosing between virtualization and real server

During the last years IT industry has changed a lot, and virtualization became as popular as bare metal servers, sometimes even being more demanded. Both solutions are advanced and profitable, but which one is better for you? Let’s draw the difference between these two options.